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Council Controlled Policies and Documents

Code of Conduct and Member's Register of Interests

Upon election or co-option to the Parish Council each councillor is asked to comply with the North Lincolnshire Code of Conduct (this document is available together with the North Lincolnshire Town & Parish Council Charter for download on the North Lincolnshire Council web page). Councillors also complete a Register of Interest form. The details submitted by each Winteringham Parish councillor may be searched for and viewed here. Winteringham Parish Council complies fully with the Charter described above so if you wish to make a complaint about the conduct of any Parish Councillor contact who will investigate the complaint on your behalf.

Standing Orders & Council Policies 

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GDPR Legislative Policies
The Council undertakes an annual review of its standing orders, adopted policies and any tasks associated with these polices. If residents wish to suggest any amendments to the content of the Council's policy documents please contact us about any changes that you would us like to consider


Council Insurance Certificate

Details of the Council's employer's liability insurance certificate can be access via this link or found on the Parish Councils noticeboard.


The Council welcomes resident's petitions. Please do contact us if you feel that there is a subject or issue which requires public debate. 

Emergency Plan

Winteringham Parish Council, in conjunction with the local authorities, has produced an emergency plan. This document is available via this link and is designed to help residents in the case of an emergency such as a flooding incident, gas explosion etc. 

Further Information about the Parish Council

The Parish Council owns the land and playing field that Village Hall is situated upon and has a leasehold agreement with the Village Hall.

Winteringham Parish Council has been bequeathed a gift of land to provide a Nature Reserve within the village - this area is open to all residents who wish to sit in a quiet area.

Useful Links to other Agencies & Services

The Parish Council has established or supports a number of links with other organisations such as statutory partnerships, the NHS and other Government Agencies, Parliamentary bodies, etc. and their details are shown below:

North Lincolnshire Council

North Lincolnshire Council is the primary provider of council services within the parish, you may raise a request for service from their self service portal. An app that will send in reports to the Council of graffiti. dog fouling, etc.  may be found at FixMyStreet. Winteringham forms part of the Burton Upon Stather and Winterton ward of North Lincolnshire Council. Our ward councillors may also be found on Facebook at Burton and Winterton InTouch

If you feel vulnerable or you are concerned about one of your family members and wish to explore additional products and services designed to assist vulnerable people then please access their connect to support service. Further information about the Community Responders service may be found here together with an information leaflet about this service.

The timetable for Streetsport programme within Winteringham is included here, subject to the weather this is freely available for children to join in with at the Playing field's sport facility.

Winteringham is on Route 13 of the North Lincolnshire Mobile Library and a static library and local link service is provided in the neighbouring village of Winterton 

Bus Service

There is a frequent bus service (approximately every 30 minutes) that goes through the village from Scunthorpe to Hull (Service 350) and return, a less frequent service to East Halton (360) is also available. For the latest timetables click here - to see whether you can qualify for a bus pass or concessionary fares click here for further information. There is also a CallCollect service available for people with limited mobility, for additional information or Request a CallCollect then please follow the link provided.

Community Safety

There is an active Neighbourhood Watch group within the village and they are supported by the statutory partnership North Lincolnshire Safer Neighbourhoods who can advise on matters such as crime prevention, substance misuse and anti-social behaviour. Help protect your household or any family member you feel may be vulnerable by reading this information about Financial Scams and what to look out for. To report a crime contact Humberside Police directly or your local neighbourhood policing team (Burton Upon Stather & Winterton Neighbourhood Team), the Neighbourhood Action Team sets the local police priorities that are shown on this web site. You may help protect your household by registering your goods on-line at the UK national property register this is a free service available to UK residents. T

National Health Service 

The nearest GP surgery to Winteringham is at the Wintererton Medical Practice on Manlake Avenue, Winterton or at Norfolk Avenue, Burton on Stather. For more general information about NHS services visit the NHS Choices web site. For information about the North Lincolnshire clinical commissioning group click on their web site here

There is a Defibrillator available for use by anybody within the village, this is easily accessible 24/7 and is situated at the side of the butcher's shop next to the pub (The Bay Horse) in the centre of the village. The device provide clear instructions on its use in an emergency situation and will provide support until professional help may be given.

Flood Information Service

Parts of Winteringham have been subject to flooding during recent times (especially when a Humber tidal surge has occurred) and current information about the flood risk to the area may be obtained from the Environment Agency's Flood Information Service.

The Parish Council actively represents the area in the progress of flood prevention measures undertaken by the Agency and other authorities. For further information concerning flood risk management within North Lincolnshire please click on this link.