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The Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013 requires North Lincolnshire Council to carry out a review of its polling districts and polling places every five years. The previous statutory review was undertaken in 2019.

The purpose of the review is to seek to ensure that 

  • All electors in the North Lincolnshire area which includes the current parliamentary constituencies of Brigg & Goole, Cleethorpes and Scunthorpe (which will be replaced by new parliamentary constituencies of Scunthorpe, Doncaster East and Isle of Axholme and Brigg and Immingham at the next parliamentary elections) have such reasonable facilities for voting as are practicable in the circumstances.
  • So far as is reasonable and practicable every polling station for which it is responsible is accessible to electors with a disability

NLC have produced the following documents explaining all the proposed changes 

Notice of Review of Polling stations  

Polling Stations 2023-2024 

On a final note, the next Parish council meeting will be held on 5th December 2023 19.15 in the Village Hall. 

A warm welcome to everyone  


Do have a think about becoming a Parish Councillor. It doesn't mean that you are loaded with lots of bureaucratic responsibilities, but on the other hand it is a commitment and does need to be taken on board with an open mind and with care and thought. More often than not, you are merely a voice for a local concerned resident and often, a simple idea you have may open up a new proposal for something new for the village

We do have two vacancies. We are a friendly bunch of people and we always welcome a new face to the council

To apply please send a short letter confirming your interest and skills to the Clerk to the Parish Council:

Alternatively down load the forms below and bring them along to the next council meeting

Register of Interest - New Councillor

Guide to Members

Acceptance of Offer

There are certain criteria which must be met if you wish to stand as a Parish Councillor. Please take a look at this guide 

Office of Parish Councillor  


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England is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world. To help combat this, the Government introduced Local Nature Recovery Strategies (LNRS) which will look for opportunities to help recover nature and increase the benefits it provides, bringing together local partners to shape and deliver the strategy. 

The strategy will identify the best existing areas for nature in Greater Lincolnshire; create achievable priorities for recovering nature; and map the best areas to create and restore habitats that can provide additional benefits, such as natural flood protection and improved air quality.

Involving local people, businesses and organisations is needed to create a deliverable strategy for Greater Lincolnshire.

Although landowners, farmers, local authorities and environmental groups will be key in delivering the strategy on the ground, it is vital to understand what is important to people locally to help inform priorities for nature recovery.

Share your thoughts about Greater Lincolnshire’s natural environment now 


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Winteringham Village

Winteringham stands on the south bank of the River Humber about 8 miles from Barton and the Humber Bridge. .

The village dates back to Anglo Saxon and Norman times and Ermine Street forms a boundary for the village. It is known that the Roman founded a settlement probably called Ad Abum in this area, due to Ermine Street, the main Roman road between Londinium (London) and Lincoln terminating here, on the south bank of the Humber. The Legions forded the River Humber at Winteringham to Petuaria (Brough) on the North Bank. 

It is thought that the name Winteringham is derived from one of the Kings of Lindsey - Winta. Winteringham = The Homestead of Winta's people and Winterton = the farm/village of Winta's people  

In later years, Winteringham was a busy market town and even had its own ship building industry although now there is no sign of this industry and the Haven is used by the Humber Yawl Club for its south bank base.

Within the village there are a Church and Methodist Chapel, an excellent butcher’s shop and a thriving village store and Post Office. There is a public house (The Bay Horse Inn) which provides entertainment and serves food and, also situated within the village is the worldwide renowned, Winteringham Fields, “a restaurant with rooms”, People come from far and wide to partake of its excellent cuisine.

There is also a campsite (Keviki) available that can accommodate tents, trailers, caravans and motor homes.

view of Winteringham