Winteringham council responsibilities and Marmion Trail

Council Responsibilities 

What is a Parish Council

As with other Parish Councils, Winteringham Parish Council fits within the UK's overall democratic process and operates as the lowest tier of local government within England & Wales. Parish Councils were established by statute in 1894 and if you wish to examine the history and further details about their powers and responsibilities then a summary of this information is available on the ERNLLCA web site

The Council consists of residents who live within the village or its surrounding area. These members may either have been elected by other residents or be co-opted to the Council if they have expressed an interest in providing their services to the community when a vacancy arises.

The Council has limited powers but does provide a focal point for local residents to care for the area in which they live. In essence, the council tries to maintain the village in good order both physically and by promoting the social life of the community. The Council liaises with North Lincolnshire Council about items within their competence such as faulty street lights, repair of potholes and ensures that community facilities such as the playing field and parish paths are cared for.

The Council also provides a local input on planning matters and coordinates its activities with other agencies and interested parties such as community groups, local enterprises, etc. on issues such as flood protection measures.

Winteringham Council meets on the first Tuesday of the month in the Booth Nooking room of the Village Hall at 7.30pm. prompt and the public may ask questions of the Councillors from 7.15pm until the formal meeting starts. Everybody is welcome to attend the Council's meetings. 


Marmion Trail 

Winteringham is a pretty Lincolnshire village and the Council does wish to encourage tourism including activities such as exploring the parish via Winteringham walks through the parish paths. The Council are currently pulling together all the information required to establish a 'places of interest' walking heritage trail for the village This will be named the Marmion trail after Sir John Marmion who was Baron of Winteringham in 1317. We have obtained a lot of historical information from many local residents which we really do appreciate and we are looking to engage the services of a local drone pilot to film some aerial footage to add to the trail information/  

The proposed trail will be supported by a mobile phone App that visitors and residents will be free to download and use in their walks around the parish. If residents wish for their property to be designated as a 'place of interest' then please 'Contact Us' about this.