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Hello everyone -  Prior to our next meeting on 4th June, the parish council will be running an emergency 'what if' scenario. 

Therefore we have an amended start time to our June meeting of 19.30 please note.  The meeting will follow the usual format - 15 minutes for any public comments followed by the meeting.  

Cllr Rob Waltham, leader of North Lincolnshire Council visited Winteringham on 7th May to discuss and see for himself some of the issues that residents have reported to the PC; such as parking, pot holes and road surfaces.  

Cllr Rob Waltham will be in attendance at our June to provide feedback from his May visit. 


Winteringham Village Hall 

 A thriving village hall is a vital social hub of a community and we are lucky to have in our village such a lovely building, however it is struggling to keep afloat. 

We have many regular hirers of the hall, for which we are extremely grateful. The Hall at present does have a reasonable bank balance however we need at least £1000 per month to be able to function and at present expenditure outweighs income.  

We currently only have 5 charity trustees, from which 3 are required to pass resolutions and make decisions. We are facing further possible resignations of trustees, and if this take place then we will not have a quorum in place to allow decision making. 

The Village Hall urgently needs more volunteers and we appeal to all the residents of Winteringham to have a think about becoming a volunteer. It would be a travesty to loose such a vital community asset.  

It may be possible for the Parish Council to take over the running of the hall, and for the councillors to become the trustees. However this is not a simple process. It would involve the Charity Commission and the transfer of trustees is a long, complex and expensive process. 

PLEASE do have a think about if you can give the hall some of your time. Everyone is busy and the pressures of life are many, however we have a wonderful hall and it would be terrible to loose this vital community asset.  

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