This section is for information that the Council wishes to bring to the notice of residents:


The Environmental Agency have sent out a report detailing works in the Parish. It can be accessed here

The Village Hall committee has kindly agreed that their Car Park may be used by parents at Winteringham Primary School as a pick up/drop off point for children attending the school. Please do use the Village Hall Car Park as traffic congestion on School Road during term time is getting to be a real problem within the village.

Our North Lincolnshire Councillors have set up a new Facebook page to help maintain contact with residents and the issues they raise this is available at Burton and Winterton InTouch

Did you know the North Lincolnshire is the most successful authority in the country as a whole in registering children from birth into children's literacy schemes? For further information about this excellent service view the links provided on our Documents page.

Tickets Available - You are able to buy tickets for the LincsLotto, this on-line lottery is now running and you may wish to support the Village Hall through this lottery, further details are available on the Village Hall's LincsLotto page. The weekly jackpot prize is £25,000 (together with other prizes) and you are 44 times more likely to win this prize than the national Lotto jackpot!