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About this Web Site

 This is the 'official' web site for Winteringham Parish Council detailing its meetings, financial affairs and other activities. The site will evolve as we receive feedback from our residents on the web site's contents and what to include - if you do wish to make a suggestion then do please complete and submit the form provided on our 'Contact Us' page.  

For current and future activities that are regularly held within the village and details of our many active community groups please refer to the Winteringham News web site. Numerous links are provided throughout this web site to other agencies and organisations that residents may find useful see our 'Documents' page for the Council's documents and other useful links.

Parish Survey 

Thank you to everybody who has completed and returned the parish survey questionnaire, a summary of the survey results has been published in the November newsletter and the full anonymised details of the survey are shown here.

The survey has been useful in helping to guide the next stage in the development of the village hall. Currently, the Village Hall is adopting a new constitution and a change to its charitable organisation status. Once these changes are put into place a new community and business forum that will be centred on The Village Hall, Winteringham will be developed. The funding for this forum and the new on-line booking system has been obtained from a Village SOS project and (once completed) details about this development will be uploaded to their YouTube site.


Shown below on this page are any notices that the Parish Council may wish to bring to the attention of residents please do have a look at these. 




About Winteringham 

Winteringham is a village of approximately 430 houses which stands on the south bank of the River Humber about 8 miles from Barton and the Humber Bridge. There are 806 voters listed in the Register of Electors for 2015.

The village dates back to Anglo Saxon and Norman times and Ermine Street forms a boundary for the village. It is known that the Roman Legions forded the River Humber at Winteringham. Later this was a busy market town and even had its own ship building industry although now there is no sign of this industry and the Haven is used by the Humber Yawl Club for its south bank base.

There is a Primary School in the village and the Village Hall is used throughout the week by the Nursery School Several other clubs/associations use the hall as their base including the Parish Council, and the Youth Project,

The Village Hall is situated on South Side adjacent to a playing field. The field consists of a fenced-in Play Area, an All Weather Sports Facility where tennis, basket ball or five-a-side football can be played and a large grass area where sports are played.

Within the village there are a Church and Methodist Chapel, an excellent butcher’s shop and a Village Store/Post Office. There is a public house (The Bay Horse Inn) which provides entertainment and serves food and also the worldwide renowned, Winteringham Fields, “a restaurant with rooms”. People come from far and wide to partake of its excellent cuisine.

The village is surrounded by arable land although cattle, horses and sheep can be seen grazing locally. The views across the Humber are stunning and along the Humber banks there is a variety of wild life and birds some of which cannot be seen any where else in this country.

Forthcoming Elections

Notice of Election

Ensure that you are registered to vote. Your vote is precious so please do exercise your democratic right to vote in all elections and referendums by ensuring that you are registered on the electoral roll. Voting is normally held at the polling station that is usually set up at Winteringham Village Hall


Parish Notices

This section is for information that the Council wishes to bring to the notice of residents:

The Police Neighbourhood Action Team has been receiving reports recently from our neighbouring villages of car keys being burgled from residents that are then used at a later date by thieves to take their cars. Please be vigilant against this (and any other crime) and keep your car keys in a secure place and if you spot anything suspicious at all either in the village or surrounding countryside (e.g. hare coursing) then report this to the police using their 101 number.

The first meeting of the Winteringham Festival committee was held on the 17th. January to help plan out both this year's festival and the 700th Charter celebrations, various concerts and other activities including a medieval pageant and banquet that will be included in the festival are being organised. Bookings for a number of the artists that will be performing at the celebrations have already been made. The Festival committee are organising a new web site to keep residents informed and links will be provided to this site when it comes on-line, similarly for the Winteringham News web site. In 1317 the "Lord of the Manor" or Winteringham belonged to the Marmion family so if you have a connection to this family and can do a "Who do you think you are?" to trace your ancestry you may end up becoming the "Lord" for the day!

The Village Hall committee held an Extraordinary General Meeting on the 10th. January 2017 about the proposed change of the Village Hall to a "Charitable Incorporated Organisation" (CIO) and the adoption of its new constitution. It was agreed at this meeting that the proposed change should be applied to the Village Hall's charitable status, this change will come into affect on the 1st. April 2017 as the application for the CIO status for the Village Hall has now been accepted by the Charity Commission. A new Village Hall web site will also be made available from this date that will include an on-line booking facility for the Hall. In addition a new mobile App is being prepared for mobile phones and tablets that will show "What's on" at the Hall.

The Environment Agency have given notice about work that they have now commenced on the A1077 at South Ferriby to the Ancolme sluice gates:

In November 2016 the Environment Agency replaced the east drain tidal doors. The doors were tested during the January 2017 surge and successfully reduced the water level in East Drain.

We are now progressing with the remaining doors on the South Ferriby Sluice structure located on the River Ancholme, adjacent to the A1077, Sluice Road, South Ferriby. This work is required to maintain the current standard of flood protection to yours and other properties in the local area.