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Parish Elections

The Parish Council will be holding an election for all its Councillors in May 2019. Please see the notices below for those candidates that are standing for election as Parish and Ward Councillors: 

Ward Councillor Notice of candidates standing for election 

Parish Councillor Notice of candidates standing for election 

If you have any questions please contact North Lincolnshire Council Electoral Services on  01724 297000 or


About this Web Site

This is the 'official' web site for Winteringham Parish Council detailing its meetings, financial affairs and other activities. The site will evolve as we receive feedback from our residents on the web site's contents and what to include - if you do wish to make a suggestion then do please complete and submit the form provided on our 'Contact Us' page.

For current and future activities that are regularly held within the village and details of our many active community groups please refer to the Winteringham Village Hall web site.

There is also a Facebook social media site available that is run by Winteringham Residents. Click on the Facebook icon for this link. Similarly, the Parish Council has its own Facebook group.

Currently there are 2 vacancies for Parish Councillors, if you are interested in joining the Council then please contact the Parish Clerk (contact details are available on the "Your councillors" page) 


Update 29th April 2019

Please see the Statement of Community Involvement.  

Update 20th March 2019

KCS Developments will be holding a public consultation event on Wednesday 27th March 2019 at the Village Hall from 6.30pm. Residents will be able to see the proposed plans and make comments.  (please see a flyer for the event here.

Update 12th February 2019

Please see an update from Richard Morton below:

"The archaeology work on site has now completed and the initial findings are that whilst there is evidence on the site of the historic roots of the Village, nothing has been uncovered which would prevent development of the land, although a watching brief will need to be maintained.

Now that we know the entire site is developable we have further worked up the proposed layout for a scheme. In progressing the layout we have tried to deliver as wide a range of properties as we are able whilst respecting the area where our site adjoins the Village Conservation Area. Layout of proposed development

My team are now working on a whole host of reports that would accompany a future planning application, including but not limited to, flood risk assessments, drainage schemes, ground investigation and highways assessments.

My current thinking is that we should be ready to submit an application in early March of this year but prior to that date I will be in touch with the Parish Council once again to see whether the Council feel that a presentation evening regarding the scheme prior to it being submitted would be appropriate in order that local people could express their views regarding the project and if these views include ways that the design of the site or housing mix or any other matter could be improved then these suggestions can be taken into account before an application is validated"


Update 15th January 2019

 Contractors are currently on site carrying out an archaeological investigation of the site. This needs to be completed before a planning application can be submitted. 

In addition the layout of the scheme is being reviewed attempting to incorporate the initial comments from local residents that they would like to see a wider range of housing, particularly focusing on smaller houses rather then large detached properties.

Update 13th December 2018 

The Local Authority has now confirmed that they require trial trenching work to take place on site at Winteringham before a Planning Application can be validated. I have discussed the above with my team and we are now ready to commence archaeological work early in January 2019.

On the back of the earlier archaeological information we received we have been updating the preferred site layout and I hope to be able to send this out at the beginning of January 2019, together with some suggestions as to when a further public meeting could be held, so those with opinions regarding the layout have an opportunity to voice these.


Update 13th November 2018

Richard has been in touch to report that he has now received the geophysics report from the site at Winteringham. The report would indicate that whilst there are no specific features on site which are likely to be of regional importance there are likely to be some archaeological matters of interest below ground tied to the long term use of the site as the Village has developed.

Update 16th October 2018:

Richard has confirmed that the archaeological investigation took place last week and he is now awaiting issue of the report to see whether there is anything of historic significance under the ground which might affect the development plans for the site. The report should be received within the next couple of weeks after which the implications of the report will need to be looked in to. It is hoped that a better idea of the layout for the site and the timetable for future discussions with NLC and the Parish Council will be provided by Richard next month.

He is currently discussing with the Local Authority whether the further archaeological work (i.e. trenching) which is recommended by the geophysics report needs to take place in advance of an Outline Planning Application for development or whether the further work can form a condition of a Planning Consent if the Authority accept the principle of a residential development on this site.

Until he has an outcome to the above discussions Richard is unable to give a firm timetable as to when an application will be submitted but he will be in touch as the situation develops.

September Update 2018: Opportunities and Constraints Plan and the Site Plan.

Richard has been in touch to let the Parish Council know that the archeological assessment of the site has been scheduled for week beginning 8th October 2018. Once the report comes back and is considered alongside the reports from Highways Consultants, Services Consultants, Flood and Drainage Engineers, Planning Consultants and Ecologists Richard will be able to provide further details about the number of houses, size and how they might be arranged.

About Winteringham Village

Winteringham is a village of approximately 430 houses which stands on the south bank of the River Humber about 8 miles from Barton and the Humber Bridge. There are 813 voters listed in the Register of Electors for 2017.

The village dates back to Anglo Saxon and Norman times and Ermine Street forms a boundary for the village. It is known that the Roman Legions forded the River Humber at Winteringham. Later this was a busy market town and even had its own ship building industry although now there is no sign of this industry and the Haven is used by the Humber Yawl Club for its south bank base.

There is a Primary School in the village and the Village Hall is used throughout the week by the Nursery School (Under Fives). Several other clubs/associations use the hall as their base including the Parish Council for its regular meetings.

The Village Hall is situated on South Side adjacent to a playing field. The field consists of a popular fenced-in Play Area, an All Weather Sports Facility where tennis, basket ball or five-a-side football can be played and a large grass area where sports are played. 

Within the village there are a Church and Methodist Chapel, an excellent butcher’s shop and a Village Store/Post Office. There is a public house (The Bay Horse Inn) which provides entertainment and serves food and the worldwide renowned, Winteringham Fields, “a restaurant with rooms”, people come from far and wide to partake of its excellent cuisine. There is also a campsite (Keviki) available that can accommodate tents, trailers, caravans and motor homes. The Council is committed to improve facilities for visitors and tourists to the Parish, including the numerous paths that are available to walk or simply stroll along for further details about these and to download the pathway maps see our 'The Council' page.

The village is surrounded by arable land although cattle, horses and sheep can be seen grazing locally. The views across the Humber are stunning and along the Humber banks there is a variety of wild life and birds some of which cannot be seen anywhere else in this country.

The 2018 Winteringham Music & Arts Festival is being organised so if you wish to become involved in contributing your ideas to the numerous events that will be undertaken on the weekend of the 28th. - 30th. September 2018 please come along to the next meeting that will be held at the Village Hall (usually the third Tuesday of the month) - everybody is welcome!

Don't forget your LincsLotto tickets  - the first draw was held on the 30th. September 2017, further details and results of subsequent weekly draws may be found at the Village Hall web site. You may win the draw next Saturday for £25,000 so keep your fingers crossed - You do not need to be a resident of North Lincolnshire to participate in the draw so visitors and "ex-pats" may benefit from this local "good cause" lottery too.